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COPE study
The number of older patients in the Netherlands with reduced kidney function is increasing rapidly. In 2014, the COPE study started at the LUMC and the Haga Hospital. The COPE (Cognitive decline in Older Patients with End stage renal disease) investigates the decline in memory and functions in older patients (> 65 years) with end stage renal failure.

In recent years, it has become known that with a decrease in renal function also decline in functioning and in certain brain functions such as memory, concentration, attention (summarised as cognitive functions) occurs. It is not known what exactly is the cause and which kidney patients have an increased risk. In addition, it is unclear what the effect of starting with dialysis or undergoing a kidney transplant is on this decline of different brain functions.

With the COPE study we want to gain more insight into these important questions. Therefore we perform extra examinations in addition to the standard nephrogiatric care in older pre-dialysis patients (with a renal function <20 ml/min), and we follow these patients for a number of years to map the physical and cognitive course. With this knowledge we try to make the care for older patients with end stage kidney failure even better.


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