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APOP study

In 2013, the LUMC started the APOP study, a study to improve the care for the Acutely Presenting Older Patient. The number of older patients visiting the Emergency Department is increasing and they experience high rates of adverse health outcomes. Unfortunately, for a number of patients the visit could be the start of health deterioration.

The APOP study aims to develop and validate an evidence-based screening instrument to estimate the risk on adverse health outcomes in older patients visiting the Emergency Department. Thanks to more than 2500 patients of 70 years and older who answered questions during their Emergency Department visit at the LUMC, Alrijne hospital, MCH Bronovo hospital or Erasmus MC, we can actually make this estimation, for which we developed the APOP screener. With this rapid assessment for older patients at the Emergency Department, the doctor can adjust the treatment plan in patients with an increased risk to prevent deterioration.

The APOP study will also investigate how we can effectively implement this risk screening in daily practice and which interventions in high-risk patients prevent deterioration.

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